PROOF! Indoor air purifiers reduce the risk of heart disease

People with heart complications may benefit from using indoor air purifiers, a new study from China says.

Air purifiers can improve several risk factors for heart disease while the study couldn’t state if it could prevent heart attacks or other rough medical conditions.

Dr. Sanjay Rajagopalan of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore says that this is a benefit for countries that have high air pollution and that air purifiers can reduce cardiovascular events.

Studies conducted before state that small particles found in the air increased the risk of heart related problems, such as strokes and heart attacks.

Renjie Chen and Ang Zhao of Fudan University in Shanghai and colleagues led the study in which 35 healthy college students participated and had them use air purifiers in their dorm rooms for 48 hours. They randomly used fake or real air purifiers, and after two weeks switched to the one they didn’t use previously.

China accounts for one of the highest pollution levels in the world.

Even though the World Health Organization has set a target pollution level at 35 micrograms of particles per cubic meter, China’s major cities have much higher levels, from 50-100 micrograms of tiny particles per cubic meter, Dr. Rajagopalan explained.

The air purifiers reduced pollution in the students’ rooms by almost 60%, dropping pollution levels from 96 micrograms to 41 micrograms per cubic meter, the researchers added.

When the students used real air purifiers, they had a significant improvement in blood clotting and inflammation.

Some of the also had lowered blood pressure and a decrease of an airway inflammation called exhaled nitrous oxide, making their lungs less affected.

Dr. Rajagopalan says that this is due to having a strong and healthy body and when combined with the air purifiers benefit from the results they bring. In contrast to this, Dr. Rachel Taliercio, an Ohio lung expert, says that the benefits may not be equal to all that use air purifiers.

Pollution levels in China and in America are different, and it is hard to figure results in China and how beneficial they would be for North America.

She also added that for people that live near high-pollution areas such as coal power plants and roadways, may benefit from air purifiers.

Dr. Rajagopalan believes it is important to invest in a home with air purifiers and also have a car filtration system to improve the quality of your health. He also added that air quality directly influences health and chronic diseases, especially heart disease.

This study is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, online May 25, 2015.