Private Chinese rocket carrying satellite failed to stay on track

A rocket built by a private Chinese space company failed to get into orbit after its launch. Failure – due to technical dysfunction – is seen as a blow to China’s ambitions, alongside space-based state activities, to create private space companies modeled on the American Space X of Ilon Mask.

The 19-meter-long Zhuque-1 (ZQ-1) missile was developed by Beijing-based Landscape. The company is set up in 2015 and aspires to become the first private Chinese company to launch a satellite.

The missile was carrying a satellite called “Future” on behalf of China’s state-owned Central Television (CCTV), according to the Reuters agency. Landscape said in a statement that it still believed its decision to develop satellite-based missiles was correct.

This year, the smallest missile “Chong Liangjiang Star” was launched in May, the first to be developed by another Beijing-based private space company, OneSpace Technology.

Since assuming power in 2012, President Shi has set as a priority China’s emergence of a space superpower, having as its first ambitious goal the creation of a permanent manned Chinese station around the Earth in about 2022 .