Prisoners get pizza for free for a very awkward reason

Hundreds of women working in Illinois Cook County filed a lawsuit against the prosecutor and the sheriff, claiming that the two institutions are refusing to take measures to curb sexual assaults from prisoners. According to the indictment, Tom Dart’s sheriff inaugurated a program that rewarded the sex offenders of improper sexual behavior in and out of jail with a delicious pizza, if of course they stop their bad habits.

But the women who filed the lawsuit say the program was just about to intensify the problem at the same time that sheriff’s office claims that the reward measure has never been applied.

Chicago Potter Bolaños LLC, a communiqué from the law firm, states that female employees of the local prosecution offices are subjected to daily attacks from prisoners, of a sexual nature, always including a report of their genetic organs and verbal violence up to public masturbation ahead their.

These incidents take place in the courts of the county, in the local jail, but also in the offices of the competent bodies, where the prisoners with the female employees are faced. The lawsuit alleges that both the sheriff and the Cook County prosecutor, Amy Campanelli, have been aware of the incidents for at least two years, although they did nothing.

Unless perhaps by that sheriff’s measure of rewarding the sex addicts as reported in the punitive report, pizza if they managed not to publicly disclose their genitals for a period of 30 days!
And as those who never had such a behavior could not get the reward, it was noticed that the program had the opposite of the expected results! Concluding an “increase in public masturbation events”.

Women in the County Penitentiary System spend all of the time on the Romany prisoners, although this measure, as they say, does not seem to succeed …