Prison Break Season 5 returns after 8 years

It’s been a long time that was announced the return of Prison Break on TV and feelings were and remain mixed. Since much of the fans were bored in the middle of the third season and not even entered the process to complete the fourth and final which ended with the death of Michael Scofield. We wondered if there is any meaning to come back, the other thought that perhaps «straightens “everything that went very wrong in the end.

What kin of comeback it would be if Michael Scofield was missing. The point is, of course, that we expect to see exactly how it will justify the resurrection Mike, who died at the last episode. Is a prisoner in prison in Yemen, his brother Lincoln Burrows is informed from punk T-Bag that he is probably alive and conspiring with Sarah to save him. The roles are reversed Mike this time, he must bail himself and protect his loved ones.

There are only two brothers and Sarah Wayne Callies who returns. Kelermes, T-Bag Fernando Sucre and C-Note agreed to make the coveted reunion. Also the original creators and producers of the series Paul Soiringk, Neal Moritz, Marty and Don Eintelstain Olmstent will be back.

The shooting took place in Morocco, despite the adverse conditions and delays due to work commitments of the crew. The fifth season consists of nine episodes; the premiere is scheduled for April 4, at 21:00 on Fox channel, and will be screened on Tuesday.