Premier Sunday March 5 2017 Answers

The much anticipated Premier Sunday Crossword is here and our staff has just finished solving the weekly crossword puzzle. Whether you are looking for just one clue or for the whole solution, we have just shared with you below all the Premier Sunday Crossword Answers and Solutions which are found today on March 5th, 2017. Shall you have any questions or any specific comments about a particular clue feel free to do so by leaving a comment below. This crossword puzzle was solved by our puzzle expert Miss Cynthia Davenport.

Premier Sunday Crossword March 5 2017 Answers
Premier Sunday Crossword March 5 2017 Answers

Premier Sunday March 5 2017 Answers (by Text)

Scarce supply DEARTH
Champaign’s twin city URBANA
Composer Vivaldi ANTONIO
Concert bonus ENCORE
La Cage aux FOLLES
What Swiss steak may be braised in STEWEDTOMATOES
Circular window OCULUS
Personal identity SELF
High-arcing shots LOBS
Gotcha! AHA
To be in Bordeaux ETRE
Ballpark snack with lots of toppings LOADEDNACHOS
Amtrak stop STATION
Care for TEND
Make sad DEPRESS
Title for Tuck FRIAR
Big bird that doesn’t fly EMU
Honeybunch DEARIE
They may be sprinkled on sauteed spinach TOASTEDPINENUTS
Partner of Porgy BESS
Southern French city ARLES
Yuletide NOEL
Arab prince EMIR
Mine metal ORE
Genie’s gift WISH
Actor Cariou LEN
Actor Jacobi LOU
Popular cookout side BAKEDBEANS
Armour product in a can POTTEDMEAT
With 96-Down “Hang on a minute!” ONE
I’m impressed! OOH
Jane of fiction EYRE
Suffix with pagan ISM
Final words from Caesar ETTU
Superstars GREATS
Two-masted craft YAWL
Exhorting individual URGER
Abnormally deep sleep COMA
Movie theater tubful BUTTEREDPOPCORN
Staves off AVERTS
Colo.-to-Ga. direction ESE
Thrashes BEATS
Old World elk REDDEER
‘Tis a shame ALAS
Midday snoozes SIESTAS
Specialty of Popeyes FRIEDCHICKEN
Cause of heartache LOSTLOVE
Elvis’ middle name ARON
Go  spree ONA
Indian tourist city AGRA
Ride ordered by app UBER
Like some census data RACIAL
Rollmop’s main ingredient PICKLEDHERRING
Big name in online brokerages ETRADE
Alternative to PJs UNDIES
Oozing stuff SEEPAGE
Teeterboard SEESAW
PC-linking protocol TELNET
Head locks TRESSES
Catholic services MASSES
Bent (on) INTENT
 Artois (beer) STELLA
Unlike the Atkins diet LOWFAT
Ending for phenyl ENE
Assistance AID
i or “j” top DOT
Floor model DEMO
Empower ENABLE
Follows as advice ACTSON
Aussie hopper ROO
Tire feature TREAD
Pronoun for both genders HESHE
Aliens’ craft UFO
Fabled bird ROC
Maryland crustaceans BLUECRABS
Mentally alert ALLTHERE
Woody Allen film subject NEUROSIS
Prehistoric OLD
Total up ADD
Schisms RIFTS
’90s veep Al GORE
Idylls of the King lady ENID
Yemeni city ADEN
Homer’s TV neighbor NED
Lummox APE
Sextet half TRIO
Sleeping woe APNEA
4×4 briefly UTE
Judo-like exercise fad TAEBO
Financial guru Suze ORMAN
Comparable ALIKE
Sahara-like SERE
Info-packed NEWSY
Lilly of drugs ELI
Sea dogs SALTS
Look as if SEEM
Termination END
Certain reed OBOE
Program for getting clean REHAB
Turn loose LETGO
Western film OATER
Do a 180 UTURN
Palme DOR
Finches’ homes NESTS
Wavy mark in Spanish TILDE
Bygone Ford make briefly MERC
Reuben bread RYE
Fragrant white flowers GARDENIAS
Natl. voting day TUE
Spun traps WEBS
Agitate UPSET
Subway charges e.g. CARFARES
Judge too highly OVERRATE
Ship wood TEAK
Big elevator innovator OTIS
Nugent with a guitar TED
See 76-Across SEC
Pi-sigma link RHO
Enter via the cracks LEAKIN
Life of Pi director ANGLEE
Drinks loudly SLURPS
Memoirist Wolff TOBIAS
Redress AVENGE
Durable coat fabrics SERGES
Data for a database INPUT
Michael of “Alfie” CAINE
Sonny LAD
Be still REST
Mouth rinse bottle abbr. ADA
Writer Wallace LEW
Cato’s 450 CDL
33rd pres. HST
Eternally to poets EER
Singer Des’ REE