Pregnant woman who got hit by lorry, wakes up from coma to give birth

Jenny Quiles was in coma for 15 days when on October 15, while crossing a street in St. Petersburg, Florida, she got hit by a truck and suffered serious brain injuries.

The 36-year-old, who was pregnant and was about to give birth, according to the doctors on December 1, was transferred to a comatose and critical condition in the Miffrod Hospital. Eventually, on Wednesday, October 29, the birth pains awakened her from the coma. Quiles brought to the world with caesarean section, a healthy little girl who was tranferred to an incubator.

Jenny’s husband, Angel, who was terrified of losing both his wife and his child before she even came to the world, created a Facebook donation page on Thursday for the cost of medical care. The response of the world was so great that already $ 10,000 has been gathered.

After the birth of his daughter, he uploaded pictures of his wife and his daughter on the page  and wrote: “This is my beautiful wife hit by a tow  truck while” carrying “our unborn child.

Protecting her child, she covered her stomach, as each mother would have done in her place and took the weight into her brain. Now, mother and daughter are fighting for their lives. I have nothing for the child and the expenses I have with me can not now work, we really need your support. Anything would help. ”

He told Bay9 News: “I really thought I was going to lose my wife. I thought I would lose my baby too, and we are here now and celebrate the fact that Emmy was born and that Jenny is getting better today. When Jenny overcomes all of this, Iwill thank her, because if it was not for her to protect the child at that time, we would not have our baby now and we would not be doing this now. “