Power plant in Finland produces fuel from air!

Carbon dioxide released from fossil fuel combustion can be converted into fuel in an experimental plant that began operating in Finland. The future will show if the idea will be commercially exploited. The Soletair plant, which created the city’s university and the VTT Technical Research Center, is divided into four sections: a solar park that offers electricity;

The energy from the solar park is used in the first phase to break down the atmosphere of the atmosphere into oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen together with carbon dioxide is eventually converted to hydrocarbons similar to crude oil. The experiment is scheduled to last throughout the summer and unit managers are hoping to produce a total of 200 liters of fuel for research purposes.

If the results are judged to be satisfactory, technology will also be used in other EU programs. As managers say in their announcement, “new business opportunities will emerge for companies involved in the cyclical coal economy, surplus electricity or chemicals production