Pornstar’s shocking story

One of the most bizarre stories of espionage and counter-intelligence came to light in Germany when details of the case that arrived at a federal court broke into the media. A 52-year-old named Roque M. was previously a p**n star and starred in gay content. In an attempt to rapidly change career direction, he became an agent of the German intelligence agency.

Roque M was then sentenced to a 12-month sentence because he tried to share state secrets by pretending to be a cyber-thief on the internet. He was arrested last November during a search for an Islamic double agent in the domestic espionage service.

In the ensuing trial, the events aroused anger when they were revealed, with Germany’s domestic espionage service rejecting calls for a complete revision of the security protocols. The details, however, made them even more curious.

He then told the court that they were pretending in online chatrooms that he was a Jihadist who is planning an attack because he was bored. “I have never met any Islamist. I would never do it. All this was like a game, “he said at the beginning of his trial, in the city of Düsseldorf.

He added that because he felt bored on weekends, he entered the online world of extreme Islamists, pretending to be one of them. When he was in his house with his disabled son he sat with him as he said – “it was a getaway from reality.”