A policeman was acquitted of the murder of an African-American man

A judge in Tulsa Oklahoma, of United States, relieved a white policeman from the homicide murder case of a deadly shot by an unarmed African American last September. 43-year-old Betty Shelby was acquitted after the trial, which lasted for a week.

She denied that she shot from racial discrimination, stressing that her actions were caused by the behavior of the man who shot herself as he had left his car, closing a road. In a video of the incident recorded by a security camera and a helicopter, the victim appears to be moving away from the police officer heading towards his vehicle, having his hands above his head.

Selby’s defense attorney Steve Kunzweiler said the police officer shot the victim Terence Crutcher because she thought he was going to his car in order to get a gun out of it. However, no weapon was found within the car after a police investigation.

Following the announcement of the decision, the 40-year-old’s family members┬ábroke into tears and reacted angrily, calling the police authorities corrupt. Indeed, Terence’s father Rev. Joey Crutcher claimed that the police officer had escaped the charge while committing murder.

Terrence Crutcher’s sister, Tiffany Crutcher, said to the reporters after the verdict ┬áthat her brother never threatened or attacked the police womann, who said she was afraid for her life as she saw him heading to his car.
Outside the court, some protesters had gathered to protest peacefully for the verdict.