Police officers killed a 26-year-old African-American

A 26-year-old African-American killed police officers in the United States as they shot him about 20 times in a supermarket’s parking area in California, according to the authorities and the lawyer of the dead. Dante Jabber, who was not armed, was in the driving seat of a car parked at Walmart’s car park in the city of Barstow, 185 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

There were four people in the car. A 26-year-old woman sitting in the back seat, Mariana Tahogia, was hit by the bullets and hospitalized out of danger, according to Lee Merit, the lawyer of Giber. Merit pointed out that the police officers threw a total of 30 balls, of whom 20 hit Jarmberger.

As reported by the Athens News Agency, the incident was reported on April 5, but the lawyer now plans to file a lawsuit against the police on behalf of the family of Jabber, father of three children aged 1 to 9.

The authorities explained in a statement that they intervened after receiving a call for “a suspect vehicle in the parking lot” of the supermarket. According to the same source, the victim refused to comply with the orders of the police officers who asked him to leave the vehicle.

He pushed back and hit the patrol before turning his vehicle towards the security men, and then he accelerated backwards, dropping onto another patrol. Then they opened a fire against him.

In addition to Tahoeia, another passenger of the vehicle was slightly injured. San Bernardino’s sheriff’s office pointed out another said that Dante Jirbe “was looking to investigate a case with a stolen car.” Merrit pointed out that “the police have thrown more than 30 bullets against a car full of people who did not endanger anyone.”