Police officers instead of robbers killed 5 innocent people


Six people, including five officials of a funeral bureau, were killed today in Ara, Cote d’Ivoire, by police officers who were searching for the suspects of a robbery, as reported by a resident of that region and a source of justice.

“The shock is huge. The funeral workers returned to Abidjan after a funeral when their vehicle it was  caught the police officers, “said Arima’s Firmin Kouaku.

The police were searching for robbers who seized 32 million francs (about 49,000 euros) from a wealthy merchant in the area.

According to Kuaku, five funeral workers and a passerby were killed by the shooting. This report was also confirmed by the government commissioner (military prosecutor), Colonel Anz Cassi, adding that an investigation has already been carried out. Four police officers and the head of their team have been arrested.

In October 2016, all Katyola police officers were detained in other areas after a police violence case that killed one man and triggered riots in the area. In late October of the same year, a police station was attacked by Dalai, the third largest city in Côte d’Ivoire, by strangers who managed to seize weapons and release prisoners.