Police officers handcuffed an 18-year-old girl and raped her

An 18-year-old girl from Brooklyn blames two New York police detectives for handcuffing and then raping her. “My life is pieces. Every time I see police officers, I get panicked, “said the 18-year-old girl through Michael David’s lawyer.

According to the American media, everything was done in September when the two detectives searched for drugs in the car where the girl was with her two friends. As she mentions they pulled her out of the car,  handcuffed her for drug possession and led her to a abandoned place in a park.

There they forced her to sexually satisfy both of them. There have been no arrests, but the two police officers have lost their weapons for the time being. The friend of the girl and her parents went to the hospital and there doctors found signs of sexual assault and called the police that started the investigation.

The two police officers told their colleagues that sex was consensual.