These are the police officers who died in Belgium

Belgium lived again the terror yesterday. 36-year-old Benjamin Herman shot and killed three people before falling dead from police fire.

Two of his victims were 45-year-old Lucile Garcia and 53-year-old Soraya Belkacemi, police officers, both of whom stole their service revolvers and shot them on the spot when they stopped him for scrutiny. He then shot the driver of a vehicle and dropped dead when the police shot him at the point.

Before the 36-year-old fired, according to information from the newspaper “La Libre Belgique”, he allegedly shouted “Allah Abbard” (Allah is great). The Liege Police has uploaded the photos of the two police officers on its official Facebook page. Lucile Garcia, 45, was the head of the police corps and her 56-year-old colleague was a twin mother.

In posting on Facebook, the House expresses its condolences to the families of the victims, saying that there are no words to describe what they feel. “We are publishing the photo of our two colleagues in honor of the wonderful women, mothers and police officers who were,” they say.