Police officers arrested a 9-year-old autistic child because he hit bullies

A 9-year-old autistic boy was arrested at his school by the police after a fight he had with one of his bullies.

Teachers from the Needham Elementary School in Franklin, Indiana, called the police, as the two school staff members could not break the fight.

The school was closed when police arrived and the boy was charged with violent behavior.

The video taken by the father of the child shows police officers putting handcuffs on his crippled son and leading him to the police car outside the school.
Explaining how the incident began, the father added, “The second rage within four days broke out when my son was trying to kill a grasshopper and the bully shrieked him and said,” Stop killing this bug. “”

So, my son got up and  punched him in his eye, so the fight started again. “