Pippa Middleton is in danger of not monopolizing interest in her marriage

She had a feeling of her sister’s marriage, Kate, with Prince William in 2011 where she held the veil of the bride, drawing attention to the white dress Alexander McQueen singling out her body in a ceremony that watched on the TV two billions of people.

Pippa marries James Matthews tomorrow at a wedding ceremony that rumors say will cost £ 250,000. All eyes will be turned this time at her wedding. However, as the French Agency and Reuters write, Pippa is in danger of not monopolizing the interest of her guests, as Prince Harry is likely to go to marriage with his girlfriend, American actress Megan Marc , whose potential engagement captivates the British media.

Besides, the 35-year-old actress recently accompanied him to the wedding of a friend of his in Jamaica. A friend of Pippa said in Daily Mail: “Pippa saw that all eyes were on Megan rather than the bride, Lara, last week. The situation is also stressful for Harry. Pippa and her mother, Carroll, are wondering if Megan’s presence could cause much harm for nothing. ”

The new guard of the royal family will gather for marriage in Berkshire, Pippa’s birthplace. The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Prince Harry will attend the marriage that will take place in the beautiful St. Mark’s Church in Enfield. Three-year-old George and two-year-old Charlotte princess will be bridesmaids.

After the ceremony in this 12th century church, the wedding reception will follow and the guests will go to the 4.7 million-pound mansion owned by the bride’s parents, Michael and Carroll Middleton, in Bakkeris, Berkshire.