A piece of information about Ferdinand Porsche that is not widely known

Porsche is one of the world’s leading automakers, having built at times some of the most emblematic models in the history of automotive. What is not widely known is that the industry that was founded 87 years ago (1931) by Frederic Porsche is also active in a field that has nothing to do with its basic occupation: the production of honey!

In an area of ​​132 acres at the Leipzig plant, three million bees are housed and in 2017 they produced for the first time 400 kg of honey. The goal is that in the coming years the production will reach and exceed the 1000 kg. Honey produced, packaged in glass jars and sold under the name Turbienchen at the factory’s customer service center.

On 132 acres of land other than beehives, there are also urine (wild cattle, species to be extinct), wild horses, ponies, birds, deer, hares, reptiles, amphibians. This initiative is part of the sustainability program that the company has set up and which it intends to expand over the next few years.