This photo shocked the world

A “joke” wanted to do the person who uploaded the above Facebook photo and caused the anger of people against immigration – and plenty of laughter.

Johan Slattavik uploaded this photo showing six empty bus seats, writing in the caption “What does the world think about it?”. Facebook team members named “Fedrelandet viktigst” (translated as “First the Homeland”) have seen women with a bark in the seats and the rage overflowed.

Users described the spectacle as “crazy”, “scary” and “tragic”. One wrote: “It looks scary, it should be banned. You can never know who is hidding. They could be terrorists with weapons. ”

Slattavik, however, as he explained, simply wanted to make a “joke” to see how the world would react. “I posted it to see what was going to happen,” he said, adding that it was shocking how much people would believe it.