The photo proving that breast milk is miraculous

A few weeks ago, Chelsea Pryce shared a photograph with her personal profile on Facebook. Chelsea, a midwife and a mother, nurses her 3 month old baby and her two-year-old child who was sick. So she decided to breastfeed them so her second child did not get sick.

The next time Chelsea took milk with the breastpump, she noticed something strange in color as she stored it. The milk that came from the breast that had nursed her sick child was yellow, while the milk from the breast that nursed her newborn baby was white. Each breast, in other words, creates milk according to the needs of each child.

How is it explained, The closest scientifically proven approach is: According to a 2013 survey, milk “builds” immunity against an infection, whether it is from the mother or the child. Indeed, a disease can cause a rapid increase in lymphocytes reaching even 94% of the total breast milk cells. After the disease, lymphocyte levels fall to normal values.

Yellow milk looks like the milk that drink newborn babies, which is rich in lymphocytes for 1-2 weeks after delivery but are then declining. Perhaps this is the reason why the milk intended for her sick son was colored – so she changed her recommendation to help the child overcome the illness. The only sure thing is that the greatness of nature is unbelievable and the female body is amazing!