This photo is not exactly what it looks like

This beautiful family photo has been taken to Australia in the early 1900s. But it hides a secret. Sweet secret. The photo shows Elizabeth Venetta Fraser, the old woman sitting in the chair and Esther Winifred Roberts, her daughter standing beside her. The old woman holds a four-year-old boy in her arms while the young woman is standing with a six-year-old girl.

What one can observe is that everyone involved in the photo has worn their festive season and has taken their official style because at that time taking a picture was something extremely rare. The photo was taken to Victoria of Australia and according to the descendant of these two women who are in her possession, despite the 117 years that have passed since then she is in excellent condition and without scratches.

The descendant of the two women, Karen Alsop, is now an excellent photographer and uploaded this photo to the internet. There she received many comments among which they were observing the tremendous resemblance of the children of photography with hers. Jazzlyn and Asher! A few hours later the photographer revealed that the two kids are her own children! She used them as models to make an inspired journey through time with the help of technology!

“My kids went to meet their great grandmother and their great great grandmother,” said Karen Alsop in Australia’s Daily Mail and added: “When my mother discovered this old photo I started to work in my mind this journey in time and gradually to supply the costumes of the age that my children would wear. ”