Pedophile was arrested in Batman uniform while trying to…

In Britain, there is a group of people who have set their goals to reduce the phenomenon of pedophilia. What are they doing; They collect evidence of the culprits, file them with the police, and just before they arrive to capture him, they inform him, and recording the video.

That was the case with Warren Miln, who was known in the Newcastle authorities for his … blasts, as he had been involved with them, and in 2016 he had escaped prison. But he was forbidden to have any contact with children under the age of 16.

But she could not stop his sick passion and contacted with at least 4 different girls, which led him back to court.Indeed, when that group appeared in his home, he opened up wearing his pajamas, which had Batman’s outfit. Of course he refused everything, his mother tried to defend him, but his father’s voice from inside, who was crying  “not, again” shows that everyone knew he kept succumbing to his passion.