Paul McCartney and John Lennon masturbated together

Paul McCartney recently revealed that with his friend John Lennon they once enjoyed a common masturbation when the conversation brought to their mouth the great sex symbol of the time, Brigitte Bardot. In a particularly revealing interview with GQ Magazine, the music legend confessed that he and his closed circle of friends were gathering at Lennon’s house sometime and┬ámasturbated together.

“Instead of just drinking and partying,” said the 76-year-old, “I do not even remember if we stayed there that night, so we all sat in these chairs and the lights went out and somebody started masturbating, and so we all did.”

He then remembered encouraging each other by shouting names of well-known women to stay in excitement: “We were crying” Brigitte Bardo “! Long live! And then everyone called another name. ” John Lennon broke down, but when the name that came to his cry was by Winston Churchill! “It was a f*****g plague. It did not bother anyone. Neither is Brigitte Bardo, “concludes MacCarney.