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Parents sued a nursery school because teachers waxed their children’s eyebrows






Two mothers filed complaints against the Boys & Girls Club in Washington, claiming that their children’s eyebrows had been depilated while under the care of the kindergarten. 19-year-old Alyssa Salgado told Tri-City Herald that she left her 2-year-old daughter Lilayiah at Boys & Girls Club.

After taking her daughter, Salgado noticed that the toddler had reddish skin in her eyebrows and seemed to have fewer hairs at that point than when she left her.

The angry mother made a post on Facebook on Feb. 2.

“I took my daughter to the kindergarten to watch her when I’m at school and try to focus on my lessons! When I went to pick up my daughter yesterday and saw a red mark between her brows I thought it was nothing but when we came home and looked at her more carefully I saw that these WOMEN decided to rub with my child’s eyebrows I immediately contacted the station’s director who tried to find various excuses, and this morning I went to with my daughter. When he saw us he started laughing in front of my child and he gave me a lot of lies while I was out of order! I am a mother and no one has the right to touch my child.”

Another woman, Glenda Maria Cruz, also posted on Facebook the same day, saying her son also had eyebrows since returning from the nursery.

“Their skin is very sensitive and no teacher “has the right to do that to any child. When we went to meet the person in charge, he told us she spoke to her staff and that everyone told her they did nothing to my child, then asked if I wanted to tell her something else by filling in that nobody forced me to bring my son at the nursery, “said Cruz at her post. “He is a baby who can not defend himself, he is 2-year-old and I get to the point of being a bad mother because I can not protect him when he needs me.”






Mothers have filed complaints at Pasco police, according to NBC Right Now.

The nursery has 270 students and belongs to an educational institution called New Horizons High School. Both Salgado and Cruz are students in this school.

Salgado told the Tri-City Herald that she has not been to school since the incident because she does not have a person to take care of her daughter and no longer trusts the institution’s nursery. Cruz said she took  away her son out of the station.

In a February 5th, the Boys & Girls Club nursery said to NBC Right Now: “The Boys & Girls Club is investigating a parental complaint about the kindergarten.”

“In addition, the Washington Department of Education, the licensing office for childcare centers, will do their own research at the nursery on Monday.”






“The Boys & Girls Club takes these allegations seriously and will support the investigation process. The Boys & Girls Club’s nursery is committed to providing programs to serve the youth of our community and has been recognized for providing quality programs for young people of all ages. “