The paragraph of the records of the murder of John Kennedy that can change everything

A paragraph revealed by about 3,000 classified documents that have not been made public until now will raise a lot of questions and will rekindle the controversy over the assassination of US President John Kennedy. This FBI document translates what Oren Fenton Potito, a member of the National States Right Party (NSRP), said at a meeting.

Contrary to what some major media reported that there is no disclosure about two people in the records, the last paragraph in the FBI’s paper specifically mentions the involvement of two people in Kennedy’s murder.
“According to Potito, only two organizations knew the route of the procession in Dallas on 22 November 1963 for some time before the procession and these two were the United States Secret Services and the Dallas Police Department. Roubi had entered the circle of the Police Station, took the course and arranged with Osvald to do the work in the public school building along the way to commit the murder.

… the General Surgeon’s report on the murder stated that the first bullet entered the President’s throat under Adam’s apple, clearly indicating that two people were involved with the first shot being launched from the bridge across the park in front of the car. To confirm this further, Potito said that there was a hole in the windshield of the President’s car … ”

This is definitely not the narrative given to the audience, certainly not the narrative about the lonely killer Harvey Osvald whom the former FBI director Edgar Hopper had said the federal government must defend.

The conclusion drawn from the document’s information is that the alleged Kennedy assassin, Harvey Oswald, was not only known to his later murderer, Jack Ruby, but they had together planned the killing of John Kennedy. What we do not know yet is whether this information has been confirmed by the US secret services.

But two days ago The Sun published the shocking news, that Oswald and Ruby knew each other and met by going to Cuba a few weeks before the Kennedy’s murder .

Today, a total of 2,891 classified documents have been published, but US President Donald Trump is delaying the publication of about 300 other “sensitive” files after pressure from the CIA and the FBI.