Pantera Capital: Great time to buy Bitcoin, we bet on ICON

The founder of Pantera Capital insists that this is the most appropriate time to buy Bitcoin. He does not even hesitate to predict that the Crypt purchase can reach even the $ 40 thrice! Speaking at Bloomberg, Dan Morehead described the crypt market as being too underestimated.

“Obviously, we are very optimistic about the site. We believe we are very low, perhaps an order of magnitude – or two – lower than a generally fair value of blockchain technology … the market as a whole is worth $ 400 billion. It could easily reach $ 4 trillion, but $ 40 trillion is possible. ”

However, an increase of $ 40 trillion will require a 10,000% increase from today. In this case, and if Bitcoin’s market share remains stable, then its price will reach $ 1,000,000 for each BTC!

Beyond Bitcoin and the Crypto-Market, Morehead also spoke about fund positions. He said that technologies such as Augur or Maker, which the fund has invested from early on, will change the site in the years to come, and will rise in value.

Augur and Maker are technologies based on Ethereum. Augur is a decentralized market forecasting platform and Maker is a stablecoin, a crypt that maintains the same purchasing power permanently.

Surprising, however, was the answer to the question about the fund’s biggest position. Morehead admitted that their position in BTC was about 10%. While their largest position was at ICON (ICX), a new crypt of Korean origin which is meant to link the various blockchains.