She had pain on her ribs and nobody believed her but when she learned the truth she was surprised

16-year-old Haley was a swimmer involved in racing but left her dream for a while when she began to feel terrible pain on her ribs.

What made things worse was that doctors could not understand what she had and accused her of inventing the whole situation. Her father was furious with the accusations against his daughter and said that there were no answers. Meanwhile, Haley was hurting more and more.

Fortunately, a surgeon, Dr. Lisa McMahon realized that Haley had a rare condition called “Side Slip Syndrome”. This meant that her ribs on both sides of her body were glued, causing her terrible pain. The doctor handled her and everything was fine.

“I’m definitely better, I turned to the swimming that I love so much! Breathing becomes more comfortable. I can really take a deep breath! “She says joyfully.

Haley allowed The doctors to publicize her story, which has been incredibly successful. However, Haley’s story did not end there. The host of the show, Dr Travis, had a huge surprise for her. The girl was so excited.

See her special gift in the video below!