Ozzy Osbourne’s concert that shocked his fans

In January 1982, just after the release of his album “Diary of a Madman,” Ozzy Osbourne was giving a concert at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Someone from the audience, instead of throwing on the scene a bottle or a bra, as usual, threw Ozzy Osbourne a bat.

He, thinking that it was plastic, put it in his mouth and bite it on the throat! According to rumors, the bat gave back the bite, and Ozzy Osbourne, after the concert, was transferred to a hospital to be treated for rabies.

As he said after years, his problem was not the bite of the bat, but the questions that he would have to answer till the end of his life, questions like “Why did you do it,” “What taste did it had?”. “And after the end of my life they would dig me out of the grave, to ask me the same questions”! …

Watch the shocking scene of Ozzy Osbourne bitting the bat