Ozzy Osbourne was rushed to hospital in critical condition, Doctors try hard to keep him alive, after health worsened

Ozzy Osbourne singer of Black Sabbath hard rock group was rushed to hospital after suffering of flue complications. As his wife Sharon Osbourne revealed, the doctors advised Ozzy Osbourne to seek emergency treatment after his health worsened.

In a post on Twitter , Sharon, 66, wrote: “As some of you may have heard, Ozzy was admitted to hospital following some complications from the flu.
“His doctors feel this is the best way to get him on a quicker road to recovery.
“Thanks to everyone for their concern and love.”

He cancelled a series of dates – including shows in Nottingham, Manchester and Glasgow with Judas Priest- due to health issues.

He said in a statement: “I’m completely devastated for having to postpone the European leg of my tour.
“It just seems that since October everything I touch has turned to s***.
“First the staph infection in my thumb and now coming down with the flu and bronchitis.

“I want to apologise to all of my fans who have been so loyal over the years, my band, my crew and to Judas Priest for letting you all down.

“However, I promise the tour with Judas Priest will be completed. It’s being rescheduled right now to start in September.”