Outrageous bike with an airplane engine

Tarso Marques is an old racing driver with Formula One, where he took part in the 24 Grand Prix with the poor but honest Minardi.

Today, at the age of 42, the Brazilian deals with conversions and special constructions, having created his own company, the “Tarso Marques Concept”, which deals with everything. From cars and motorcycles, to airplanes, helicopters and boats.

Its most recent creation is the eccentric TMC Dumont Concept. With it, Marcee wanted to honor his famous compatriot, aviation actor, inventor, pilot and pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont. That’s why this particular construction that you think came out of a science fiction movie has an airplane heart.

Its ferocious engine, in particular, is a Rolls Royce Continental V6 performance of 300 hp that in the 1960s was used on Cessna-type planes. The two huge 36-inch wheels are centerless and attached to the motorcycle with low-mounted scissors while the riding position is low with the rider sitting in front of the engine.

How we behave on the road this hybrid construction does not know, but the sound produced by its engine is special and deafening. The TMC Dumont Concept took part in the week of the Daytona motorbike, winning the title of its top show.