Osama bin Laden’s son is looking for revenge

Hamza bin Laden, one of the sons of the notorious terrorists, wants to avenge his father’s assassination, as a former FBI agent now claims. Going to the US 60 minutes television program, former agent Ali Sufan claimed he was part of the FBI team that analyzed the letters found in the Osama hideaway in 2011.

Survan was the head of the al-Qaeda investigation after the September 11th attack and knew things very well. He said that Hamza wrote about his desire to avenge America for the death of Osama: “Basically he says,” American lore, we come and you will feel it, and we will avenge everything you did to my father, to Iraq, in Afghanistan, “the whole thing was for revenge.”

In one of the letters he sent to Osama, Hamza writes: “Every look every smile you gave me, every word you told me, made me forge steel” to complete his letter: “The Jihad Road For the good of God is what we live for. ”

When Osama was killed, Hamza was 22-year-old and, as many analysts say, would become the new head of al-Qaida. As a child he also starred in several propaganda videos, most often waving his gun. “It was like a mascot for al-Qaeda and for al-Qaeda members who were quashed by these propaganda videos, it means a lot to them,” says the former agent.

In 2015 al-Qaeda had also released a recorded Hamas message calling for new waves of terrorist violence in the West, both in London and Paris and in the United States. Since January 2017, Hamza bin Laden has been on the list of terrorists in the US Department of State.