Oral sex helps fight obesity and allergies

Great scientific research highlights the beneficial effects of oral sex on the male body, adding an additional incentive for women who choose to enjoy sex in all its manifestations. According to a report by scientists, the oral sex offered by the man to the woman contributes decisively to the fight against annoying or even dangerous diseases such as eczema, allergies and … obesity!

According to scientists, the woman’s vagina is full of “good” bacteria, which fight harmful organisms and maintain a “clean” spot. Responsible for this beneficial process in the female vagina, are lactobacillus bacteria, which help women treat microorganisms and microbes that infect the body. Lactobacilli are Gram + bacteria, as a rule, optionally anaerobic. They belong to the broader group of lactic acid producing bacteria

It turns out, however, that these bacteria are transported by contact with the male organism, causing similar beneficial effects to those of conventional sex between the two sexes. The advice of gynecologists to women is to use only hot water to wash their vagina, just to avoid “killing” the “good” bacteria present and contributes most to the self-cleansing system available to the human body.

Lactobacillus is found in the human organism both in the digestive tract and in the urinary system, working in an similar manner for the early treatment and “repulsion” of “bad” microbes. These bacteria are used by pharmaceutical companies in products to combat diarrhea, difficulty digesting, irritable bowel syndrome that afflicts many people, ulcers, and urinary tract infections, even in the common cold, but also in cutaneous diseases.

As Dr. Elena Mendes Soares said, the greater the amount of “good” bacteria a person receives, the better it is for his body. In other words, what the boys have not put in theĀ  oral menu of their preliminary oral sex, it is good to think again. They may have far greater benefits than they have known so far.