He opened his eyes and whispered three words. The doctors were shocked from what they heard

Ruth Scully, a mother from Maryland, faced one of the worst nightmares of each parent. It all started when her two-year-old son, Nolan, could not recover from the sniffle he had. At first they thought it was just a coincidence, but the situation continued to worsen until he could not take a breath.

CT scan showed the terrible truth: Nolan, 3 years old, had rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Soon they realized he would die. He was very brave. After a year and a half, Nolan died in his mother’s arms.

In her attempt to accept the loss, she shared her story in a moving post on Facebook. She described the last 4 hours after the medical staff explained to them how bad things were: “The rhabdomyosarcoma was spreading like a fire. They told us that at this point they did not believe his cancer was curable, having resisted all the treatments we had tried and the plan was to comfort him as he got worse.

After a while, I went to Nolan’s room. He sat in the “Mom’s red chair” and watched YouTube videos from his tablet. I sat next to him, I lean my head on his own. “The next day he was resting, mostly sleeping for the next few days. We had them all set up – I can not explain how it is to sign the document saying not to bring back your little angel.

When he woke up, we had them all set up and I had the shoes on hand to take him home at night. We just wanted one more night together. But when he woke up, he gently put his hand on mine and said, “Mom, it’s okay. Let’s stay here, okay? “My 4-year-old hero was trying to make sure I was ok.

“Around 9 pm I asked Nolan if I could do a shower because I was not allowed to leave him and I had to touch him constantly. He told me, “Okay, Mom. Tell uncle Chris to come and sit with me. ” I stood at the bathroom door, turned to his side and said, “Look here and I’ll be back in two seconds.” He smiled at me. I closed the bathroom door.

They said that when the door closed his eyes closed and fell into deep sleep, starting the end of life. ” “When I opened the door, his team was around the bed and they all turned and looked at me with tears. They told me, “Ruth, he’s in deep sleep. He can not feel anything “. He was breathing with difficulty, his right lung had collapsed and the oxygen had fallen. ”

“I ran and jumped in bed with him, I put my hand on the right side of his face. Then there was a miracle I will never forget .. ” “My angel took a breath, opened his eyes, smiled at me and said,” I love you, Mom, “he turned his head toward me and at 11:54 pm he died as I sang” You Are My Sunshine “In his ear.

“He woke up from the coma to tell me he loves me with a smile on his face!” Ruth had the courage to share these moments, her loss and the incredible love between a mother and her child.