Open your home door with your Iphone

Apple is likely to upgrade the use of the NFC chip to the new iOS 12 software, which will be presented next week at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This upgrade will allow the use of iPhone for operations beyond ApplePay, such as access to hotel rooms and public transportation.

Intact transactions began with iPhone 6 and the previous iOS 11 software, which allows limited scans. So far the main disadvantage of how to use the iPhone in scanning functions is the fact that such a function requires unlocking the phone and opening that particular app.

Since the purpose of the operation is the easier service, this software seems to have failed to achieve its goal because as a result of all these actions the user has lost considerable time. According to a publication in The Information, the new software promises to solve the difficulties hitherto used by using this feature, since it will work similarly to ApplePay, which only requires you to touch your finger on the device.

Apple seems to try to use iPhone as a key to accessing sites and is working with HID Global to implement such features on its campus. The article also writes that Apple employees already use their mobiles to enter buildings. Using this special chip to turn your iPhone into an access key also promises increased security as it can use the iPhone’s safe pocket to store sensitive user information.

Finally, Apple is probably working with Cubic, a company that provides boarding cards to MMMs to replace these cards with its new technology. In the event that Apple actually introduces this technology, it will greatly serve users who will need to carry far less items from now on.