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The One Thing Marvel Had To Approve in the New Deadpool Movie

So “Deadpool” is out, for those of you who seemed to have blacked-out during the past few weeks or so, and it is one huge hit!


However, for those wondering why X-men and co. were missing from the movie, that’s because despite Deadpool being a Marvel comic, the movie has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And though 20th Century Fox have acquired full rights to the character, there was one thing they had to run by Marvel.

“Negasonic Teenage Warhead” was one of the only 2 X-men related character in the movie, the other being Colossus. And in the movie, Negasonic’s powers were changed; while she should be able to predict the future, Fox didn’t even know what she did when they decided to put her in the movie and gave her a whole set of new ones! In the movie, she is literally a warhead that could explode, and as expected, such a change from the original script needed approval from the creators.


So, do share! Did you like the movie and the changes it involved?!