Researchers Develop Blood Test That Detects All Viruses Present In One Drop Of Blood

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According to the results of the new scientific research, a revolutionary test can actually reveals the kind of virus present in a single drop of blood. This is good news for medical laboratories and patients who are spending lots of money just to diagnose a single virus. However, today, this exam is still experimental and can be done for as little as $25.

A virus is defined as a very minute infectious agent that multiplies only when it finds a host. These viruses may infect plants, animals, and humans, depending on their genetic composition. Modes of transmission vary from fecal-oral, respiratory, direct contact, or even sexual contact. Some of the most common diseases caused by these microorganisms are HPV, colds, HIV, hepatitis, flu, mumps, measles, polio, and rubella.

Furthermore, the development of this new test would be very beneficial also in finding out if the viruses can contribute to the development of certain diseases like cancer and other chronic diseases. Experts say that if there would be more researches that would further create a more reliable and dependable exam, then this could possibly be a big medical breakthrough.

In addition, this test could as well, detect healed and dormant exposures to 1000 strains of viruses from 206 species. Generally, the exam works by looking into antibodies and proteins present in the body that are very specific to a species. Continuous efforts to better the test have spread throughout the world and scientists have found out that there were variations in patterns of exposure from one continent to another. They hypothesized that this may be because of the differences in population and density.

As of  now, there is still no company that was contacted by the scientists as they need to further their studies. However, they said that, once everything has been finalized, then this can be out in medical laboratories very soon.
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