One of six charges against Harvey Wyattin was rejected

New York Court annulled one of the six charges that had been filed with Hollywood Hawkee’s great producer Harvey Winning, a small victory for his lawyers still demanding the rejection of the whole case against their client.

Before the judge announced his decision, the prosecutor’s office had agreed to withdraw the charge against Lutja Evans, an aspiring actor who claimed that Winston forced her into oral sex in 2004. His lawyer, Benjamin Braffman, said that a document refuted the version put forward by the applicant.

According to many American media, Evans allegedly stated that she actually had sex with William, but with her consent in order to take a role. This document has so far only been known to the judge, the prosecutor’s office and the counsel of the producer.

“It’s a very important development,” Braffman said, suggesting that the prosecutor’s office should prosecute Evans for perjury.

In their attempt to dismiss the case as a whole, the lawyers at the University of New York in early August gave evidence that is aimed at damaging the credibility of another of the three women who claim to be victims of Winston.

“The point is not to stigmatize the victims, or to imply that a woman who makes her testimony should not be believed. But it is a proof that the person who filed has lied, “Braffman commented.

66-year-old Winston was arrested at the end of May in New York, eight months after many women began blaming him for sexual harassment, assault, or rape. He does not deny having sex with the women who are now victims, but he says everything was done with their consent.