Olivia Culpo ‘Broken Hearted’ Over Split With Nick Jonas

“Your heart just breaks, that’s all. Heartbreak is hard but you find more and more things to be grateful for every day. One of those things is all of you.”

Olivia posted on Instagram, confirming the rumor that she and boyfriend Nick Jonas have split.

Olivia admitted that she’s really heart-broken about it, but she’s going to be alright.

She thanked all the people who have been supportive of her, “Thank you all. Yes I’m going to be okay and I love u guys so so much.”

That night, Olivia joined a girls’ night out in her effort not to be further depressed by the break-up, and was also seen arriving at the Gracias Madre in West Hollywood.

The 2012 Miss Universe winner and Nick had been dating for a couple of years

Meanwhile, there’s been no word yet from Nick regarding the split. Instead, he posted a picture of his stage performance in Indianapolis with the message: .’Indianapolis you were awesome thanks for having me.’

Nick had previously talked about marrying Olivia, but said they were not in a hurry. “At some point, it would be ideal [to settle down], but we’re still quite young and we’re going on a journey’”

Nick later remarked, “We’re enjoying the ride together, and it’s been a pretty insane year and a half. Lots of changes in both of our lives, and she’s been a teammate through all of it.”

Nick had even serenaded Olivia with the song he had composed about her and revealed that she was frightened that he would finally propose.

“Her face was in full panic,” Nick said to The Sun. “She thought I was going to propose on national TV in front of one billion people.”

Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus were among the girls Nick had dated before.