U.S. Ready to Build the World’s Fastest Computer Using Exascale Technology.

 US President Barrack Obama leads the  nation towards a giant leap forward in the field of technology by creating an executive order  for the development of the fastest supercomputer ever devised, that will power the country’s government departments in the near future.

The National Strategic Computing Initiative which was launched in line with Obama’s order,  will attempt to build the first ever exascale computer, which would be more than 30 times faster than the fastest existing supercomputers today.  These super computers will have a system capable of at least one exaFLOPS, or a billion billion calculations per second.  This capacity would be a thousandfold increase over the petascale computer that came into operation in 2008.  One exaflops is a thousand petaflops or a quintillion, floating point operations per second.

The President’s order outlines plans to create the world’s first exascale computing system to boost the country’s ranks in high performance computing (HPC) research and development.

The NSCI will primarily be a partnership between the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation, which will be designing supercomputers for use by NASA, the FBI, The National Institutes of Health, the Department of Homeland Security, and NOAA, each and all of whom will be given an opportunity to contribute inputs during the early stages of the new computers.

Obama believes that the present high demand for computing power and maintaining economic growth would require the high performance of next generation computers.  Hence, research in this area has been given top priority by the US government with orders to apply HPC technologies across the board, to encourage an active participation by both public and private sectors and to increase communication between different government departments, academic institutions and companies.