Nurse quit her job for a shocking reason!


Some will say that the sexy nurse is very cliché, but not for conservative Thailand. Recently a nurse in a private clinic was asked to quit her job when photos with her very “sexy” outfit became viral.
Parichat ‘Pang’ Chatsri, 26, a nurse at a private clinic in Isan in Thailand, resigned after a controversy. She was photographed with a sexy outfit with a skirt over her knee. Critics have said she has shaken the profession with her “sexy” outfit.

The outfit can not be considered sexy for some but in Thailand it can be considered provocative. The photos were first published to the Thai Nurse Lovers Association on Facebook and quickly became viral. She received many negative comments with some of them calling her “inappropriate” and “unreasonable”.

Chastri has given an apology after taking the decision to quit her job. She said to Daily Mail:

“I explained to the clinic’s board that I did not have bad intentions but have the reputation of clinic as an absolute priority. I understand them and I did not want to have problems because of me. I took responsibility for declaring my resignation. I would like to apologize to the Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council and the clinic. I would not want the audience to judge all nurses based on my own photos. I do not want to cause problems. I took responsibility. I have to improve myself.

According to western standards, the outfit is not considered provocative, but it is for Thailand.
Despite the unfortunate incident, the nurse showed humility. In order not to create further problems, she preferred to resign. It is not yet certain what will happen in the future.