North Korea threatens: We will destroy the earth with 5 million children

New North Korea threats against its enemies, this time through the Communist youth who swears that it will eliminate them with irresistible missile power!

A representative of the Youth League, as the organization says, stressed: “The great units of young people are now waiting for the final command from the headquarters of the revolution. They are ready to eradicate mercilessly with five million nuclear bombs. Let the American imperialists know that the earth will be dissolved if the irresistible nuclear power and five million young people equipped with nuclear bombs unleash their wrath.

Daily Mail says Korean officials say it is clear “the willingness of the youth to steal decisively and mercilessly the American imperialists and their marionettes, the South Korean warriors”.

They also warned that “earth would be dissolved” if they launched an attack, and according to the report, participation in the “Youth League” is compulsory for all children aged 7-13 and encourages teenagers over 15 to join the armed forces.