North Korea threatens for total war!

North Korea warned the US to stop ‘their military hysteria “or they will face the consequences, while a task force of American ships of the Navy directed to the region while Pyongyang celebrating the” Sun Day “, the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder Kim Il-Sung.

Hundreds of military vehicles full of soldiers were lined up at dawn along the Taentongk, River flowing through Pyongyang before starting to march to the city. Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea, attended along with his advisers from the central square Kim Il-Sung parade, attended by soldiers and bands of the army, while tanks were presented, several rocket launchers and other weapons.

The aim of the parade, besides the celebrations for the “Sun Day”, the official name given to the day of birth of Kim Il-Sung, grandfather of the current leader of North Korea, is sending a message to the US, South Korea and Japan on the military strength of the country. Many analysts believe that Pyongyang may on the occasion of the celebrations to proceed to launch a ballistic missile or even the sixth nuclear missile test.

Meanwhile, the second in command in the North Korean hierarchy warned that the country is ready to retaliate with nuclear weapons if attacked with such, few days after US President Donald Trump said that the “problem” of the North Korean missile and nuclear program will could be arranged. “We are ready to reciprocate in an all out war with all-out war, we are ready to reciprocate in any nuclear attack by a nuclear attack,” said Tse-Riongk ChAE during a ceremony before the military parade.

In a statement, broadcast by the official agency of the North Korean KCNA, the country’s military confirmed that US bases in South Korea, “as well as the headquarters of evil” as the presidency building in Seoul “will become dust in few minutes “in case of war. Even commented that “serious military hysteria” of Trump government has reached “dangerous levels and can no longer be ignored.”

“We will take the harshest countermeasures against the US and their naval forces in such a relentless way that does not allow attackers to survive,” reported the KCNA quoted the spokesman of the General Staff of the North Korean army. According to analysts of “38 North”, a site that deals with North Korea and is based on several recent satellite photos of the nuclear test site of Poungie-ri is “ready” to start.

North Korea has already conducted five nuclear tests, of which the two last year. In late March and early April the country launched three ballistic missiles fell into the Sea of ​​Japan. The US responded by sending an aircraft carrier to the region, accompanied by three destroyers that can launch missiles and submarines, an “armada”, as he described president Trump.