Nikki Haley angry reaction against Trump






Rumors were created by Michael Woolf’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the White House caused war on the United States. Michael Woolf implied in an interview that the president had a relationship with a person for whom there are many references to his book.

Michael Woolf is extensively engaged in Fire and Fury with Nikki Haley , the most prominent woman in the Government of the Trump. He argues that the US ambassador of the UN was aiming Donald Trump succeed in presidency.

Haley’s office is equivalent to that of the minister in the US government. In an interview with a potion posted on the Politico e-magazine site, Haile stressed that this rumors are totally fake. “It’s very insulting and disgusting,” she continued, referring also to Woolf’s claims that she spends a lot of time alone with Trump on the presidential aircraft and the Oval Office.

“I’ve been on Air Force One for one time and there were a lot of other people at the presidential plane where I was,” she said.

Michael Woolf “says that I have talked a lot with the president about my political future at the Oval Office. I have never discussed with the president about my future, and I was never alone with him, “said the former governor of South Carolina.

Nikki Haley claimed to be the victim of sexism of a “small group of men” repelled by women demonstrating determination and strong will.

“Most men respect women, but there is a small group of men who, if you just do your job, make an effort and do it well and talk openly for it with passion, they are dejected. And they think their only choice is to insult you, “said the American conservative politician.

Nikki Haley, who had backed Florida senator Marko Rubio in the Republican party’s internation process to mark the GOP candidate in the 2016 presidential election, has also confirmed that she agrees most with President Truump. “We have a very good relationship and I am in agreement with almost everything he has done,” he said.