Nicki Minaj stabbed her ex Safaree Samuels

At the edge came the fight between the former famous couple, with the ex-companion of the singer accusing her of almost killing him! Safaree Samuels has posted in his Twitter account a hateful message about Nike Minas, which he complains about having stabbed him when he was a couple and nearly dying.

Of course, the tweet in question is not as unrepentant as the rapper a few months ago gave a first taste of the problems in their 12-year relationship, ending sour and episodic in 2014. In his radio interview, Samuels had said in their relationship suffered physical and emotional abuse by the famous singer.

So, last Tuesday, he returned dynamically and with a lot of hatred, as many of the Minas fans have said, launching an unprecedented attack on her.

“Do you remember the night you stabbed me and I almost died? And the police and the ambulance came to get me. Then I was forced to tell them that I tried to commit suicide in order not to send you to prison. But when these happen more than once, you have to dive in the deep, “the rapper revealed in one of his tweets.