An newborn survived miraculously after staying for 24 hours buried in a muddy hole buried by its mother

This is the story of a wonderful man who saved a boy from a certain death. A man was upset when he saw his pregnant neighbor leave the house in the morning, and return in the evening with bloody clothes. Lucinda Ferreira Guimaraes from Curitiba, Brazil, was a future mother who left her home one morning and returned in the evening with bloody clothes, according to Wereblog.

Her neighbor suspected what might have happened and decided to watch her moves. He went outside and searched the area to see what was happening. After 2 days of uninterrupted search, he saw a baby’s head coming out of a muddy hole under a bush.


It turned out that Guimaraes gave birth in the woods, 270 meters away from her home, and then buried the baby alive. The man called the police, thinking that the baby, which was neither crying nor kneeling, was dead. When the police came to take the little boy out of the hole, the baby began to cry.

Later he learned that the baby survived thanks to three factors: First, the rain had washed the mud off the baby’s head, otherwise it would be buried. Secondly, the umbilical cord and placenta were still linked, which prevented blood loss and thirdly, because the placenta was connected, the baby did not die because it still took its mother’s nutritional ingredients.

When the police arrested Guimaraes, she denied she was the mother and did not admit she had buried that baby. The local media said she was arrested and inprisoned while the baby was given to its biological father.