New technology rocket has been developed by CIA

A deadly rocket, equipped with six blades, “relaying” the targets with precision strikes, leaving no trace has been developed by CIA secretly.

The R9X rocket – a modified version of the well-known Hellfire – was designed to penetrate buildings, metallic shields and vehicle roofs with six blades that grow seconds before impact, and does not have an explosive head to limit the losses between of civilians.

The missile called Ginsu from the name of a knife company was allegedly used to exterminate al-Qaida’s al-Qaeda, Egyptian Abu Kair al-Masri in February 2017, while driving his car in Indrib province in northern Syria.

The special design of this missile is designed to minimize collateral damage caused by other conventional rockets when they explode and destroy both the targets and the surrounding space.

Barack Obama ordered the missile after US criticism of the civilian casualties of a plane crash and according to the report the details of the R9X spilled by the US Armed Forces to improve their battle in the Muslim world by showing that they were trying to limit collateral losses.

The missile was allegedly used last January to exterminate Jamal al-Badawi from Yemen, who was sentenced to his home country as the brain of the USS Cole bombing in 2000, causing the deaths of 17 US seafarers and injuries other 39.