New technique predicts stroke through CT scans

A new method that analyzes the images of CT scans can predict some of the patients at risk of heart attack, even years before it happens.

Researchers from the UK, Germany and the US, who published the publication in the medical journal The Lancet, developed algorithms that analyze fat around the coronary arteries , as seen in axonal coronagraphs. This fat changes when an artery suffers from inflammation, which is a warning sign for about 30% of the heart attacks.

“If you can detect inflammation in the arteries of the heart, then you are able to tell which arteries will cause heart attacks. With the new technology we have now, we can do that by analyzing simple tomographies,

Most heart attacks are caused by fatty deposits (plaques) inside the arteries, which has the effect of preventing blood circulation. Tomographies can show doctors if an artery has already been plaque stenosis, but the new method warns of the upcoming problem much earlier.

“We can say if your arteries are inflamed and if a stenosis develops after five years. So maybe you can start taking preventive measures to avoid plaque formation. Although we have not figured out the exact number of preventable cannibals, we may potentially be able to track at least 20% to 305 people in time before a heart attack occurs.”