New subversive theory about the end of the Universe

It was characterized as the “sacred chalice” of Physics, and its attempt to locate it by scientists had taken on novelty dimensions. The Higgs boson is the particle that corresponds to the Higgs field, which gives mass to matter.

The Higgs boson was created in the extreme temperature conditions that arose at the time of the birth of the Universe. Experts say that without the Hughs boson, the universe would be lighter than feather, without any mass and therefore no weight. And without gravity there would be no stars, planets, people.

This is how his characterization as “the particle of God” arose. In the 1960s, a team of scientists with British physicist Peter Higgs proposed a new theory on the existence of the mass in which the existence of the boson was planned, which then took its name.

After years of strenuous efforts, the boson was identified in 2012 in experiments conducted at the Grand Hadron Accelerator at the European Nuclear Research Organization, the well-known CERN. The discovery of the particle as it was next gave Peter Higgs Nobel Physics.

But researchers at Harvard University are bringing them upside down, arguing that the Higgs boson can be transformed from a particle of God into a … devil’s particle!

According to the theory developed by the researchers, it is possible that the interaction of the particle with a black hole can cause structural changes in its properties. Changes such as to change the nature of the particle and create a cosmic phenomenon that will result in the destruction of the Universe.

In particular, researchers say that if the Higgs boson comes in contact with a black hole, this contact is likely to lead to the creation of a negative energy bubble that will begin to absorb within itself the structures and objects of the Universe (matter, galaxies, etc.) and swell until it absorbs the entire Universe inside.

Within the bubble no law of physics will work, so the Universe ceases to exist. Indeed, researchers say it is not excluded that this process has already begun in some distant corner of the Universe.