New scandal is hunting Donald Trump






A senior White House adviser, Rob Porter, filed his resignation after being publicly accused by his two former wives for domestic violence.

“The US President Donald Trump and the White House CEO General Jon Kelly had absolute confidence in his abilities and performance,” said the spokesman for the US presidency on Wednesday Sarah Hakabi Sanders. He added that Porter “resigns from the White House” but will remain temporarily to guarantee a smooth transition.

Porter, a director of staff and responsible, amongst others, for many of the documents that arrived at the office of the US president to sign, said in a statement that he was resigning despite the “scandalous charges” against him being “false”.

Colby Holdernes, a former wife of Porter, told the Daily Mail that the man had tried to strangle her and had stumbled her during their marriage. Jennifer Willoughby, another former Porter’s wife, told The Intercept that she had been physically and psychologically ill-treated by her husband when married.

Two photos published in Daley Miller depict Holderne with a tanned eye, a result of a Porter punch, according to herself. In his announcement, the presidential adviser denounced a “orchestrated attempt to seduce him” and said the fifteen-year-old photographs “have nothing to do” with what had happened.

Rob Porter has been actively involved in preparations for Trab’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.