New research on the missing $150 Million bitcoins gets weirder

Investors lost $ 190 million after the death of a founder of a crypto-trading company, who never shared his security code and access to his computer files is impossible, as CoinDesk says.

Gerald Cotten, co-founder and CEO of QuadrigaCX, died last December due to complications of Crohn’s disease, as reported by the company in a Facebook announcement. QuadrigaCX, which filed for bankruptcy on January 31, aimed to simplify the sale of bitcoin.

QuadrigaCX owes its customers about $ 190 million in cash and cryprobes, according to an affidavit handed down by the deceased’s widow, Jennifer Robertson. Robertson states that Cotten was the only person in charge of managing currencies and capital.

Robertson therefore does not have the QuadrigaCX or partner companies’ records and does not know the security or recovery code for Cotten’s secured computer. The company reports on its site that it has been trying to locate and secure cryptosnapses for weeks, but has failed.