New ‘Penis Injection’ Birth Control Vasalgel Has Men Talking

We understand why many of you guys may have reservations about pointy and sharp tools coming within close proximity of your penises. We get it. We seriously do. However, scientists think that this specific penile injection will be quite welcomed by you!

According to Bustle, a new method of male birth control called Vasalgel has taken over the news recently, promising men their shared of the burden when it comes to deciding whether they do or don’t want to have a child. Having been successfully tested on two very promiscuous species, rabbits and baboons, it is now ready to be tested on the third species in the queue. Human males can expect the testing to start this year and onto next year, and producers are hoping the product will be ready for launch in 2018.


So how does this weird contraption that threatens the peace of your penis work? Well, the gel is injected into your vas deferens – you know, that tube where your sperm swim around – and it stops the semen from going through. However, unlike a vasectomy, this method is reversible. The gel worked for almost a year in the tested animals, and could be removed with an injection of sodium bicarbonate solution. Yes, that’s baking soda, if your little chef was curious.

Vasalgel has received quite the positive feedback from males, as there is nothing reversible and highly reliable for men in the birth control sector. Up till now, it’s been the women who have had to take the precautions with several options available from IUDS, to the pill, to the patch, etc. and with all the methods having some form of hormonal side effect or drawback. However, for men, the options range from a vasectomy, to condoms, to… well, yeah, that pretty much covers it.

So Vasalgel comes as good news to the many guys out there that wish ti have control and are willing to share the responsibility, without fear of breaking a condom… or a body organ.