New missile test from North Korea

A week after the latest missile test, and despite the intense reactions and demands of the UN Security Council, North Korea launched a missile of an unknown type this afternoon (local time), as reported by the South Korean armed forces.

Last Monday, the UN Security Council once again demanded that Pyongyang should not do such other tests, stressing that North Korea must show a sincere commitment to nuclear de-atomization with concrete actions. In today’s test, the missile recorded a flight of about 500 km, from an area near Puckchang, in the province of Pinangan, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Japan expressed its strong protest to North Korea for the missile test, and as the spokesman for the Yoshihite Souga Government told Tokyo, Tokyo will not tolerate the recurring challenges from North Korea.He said the rocket was fired from North Korea’s west coast towards the Sea of ​​Japan and was likely to land outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone without causing disasters on ships and planes.

The White House announced today that it knows about the mid-range ballistic missile test (MRBM) and pointed out that its range was shorter than the recent tests.”We are aware that North Korea has launched a MRBM, which was last tested in February, has a shorter range than the missiles tested last three times from North Korea,” a White House official said.